Monday, March 12, 2007

Amaechi first openly gay endorser?

John Amaechi continues to have the money pour in after his recent bestseller announcing his extrication from the closet hit the shelves one month ago. In his latest coup, Amaechi has signed on to be a spokesman for HeadBlade which manufactures a special razor for men who shave their heads regularly.

"John Amaechi is the newest face of the brand because he embodies many of the
qualities representative of a HeadBlader," HeadBlade chief executive Todd Greene
said. "He is a man comfortable in his own skin and he's not afraid to go against
the grain."
I find it hard to believe that he would be the first openly gay endorser of a mainstream product. Elton John has to be endorsing something. One can also argue how mainstream the HeadBlade really is since most people have never heard of it. Talk to me when Clay Aiken is endorsing Coke.

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