Monday, March 26, 2007

The "Average" Oden

6.5 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 0.5 blocks. That is what Anthony Oden, brother (allegedly) of wunderkind Greg Oden, averaged over the Ohio High School Final Four. How does a 6'8", 270lb junior only average 0.5 blocks over the two most important games of the season? Most high school teams are lucky to have a 6'3" guy playing center while eating at Old Country Buffet befor the game to get his weight over 210. Especially in the championship game in which Oden's Dayton Dunbar team faced an Upper Sandusky team reminiscent of Hickory from the "Hoosiers" movie. Upper Sandusky had their Jimmy Chitwood in Ohio State bound John Diebler, a white guy Mr. Basketball who had one heck of a stat line. Try this: 48 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 blocks and 7 steals. While scoring 48 of 85 points, taking 19 of the 21 free throws, and taking 21 of the teams 42 threes. Guess we know who might make it to the NBA one day and who is likely to be sitting in the audience at SNL while watching a much better older brother succeed again where you have failed time and time again.

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JAB said...

I suppose all of Michael Jordan's brothers are miserable failures because they aren't "like Mike"? What a narrow minded idiot you are! Not everyone can be Jordan, or Peyton Manning, or Johnny Unitas, or John Elway! These are very rare athletes who come along once in a generation. I suppose that YOU are far and away the most successful, talented, wealthy individual in your family? Why not you miserable failure! Where were you lined up on the court when A. Oden was being merely average? I didn't see you anywhere. At least he is in the game. While he "does it" (albeit in an average way), you don't! you just sit at your keyboard eating twinkies and cast judgement on people who are actually doing it! How many blocks per game did you average in high school? Where did you play YOUR college ball. What NBA team are YOU currently leading in scoring? Exactly!! I guess then, by your own measure, that compared to even average Anthony Oden, you are an even bigger failure!!