Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hunter sissy, takes wife's pills

Detroit Pistons G, Lindsey Hunter, became (more than likely) the first NBA player to be suspended for taking diet pills so far this season.

"We all take substances. ... You go to the GNC, you do this, you do that,
and to me it wasn't a big deal," Hunter said. "It wasn't a steroid or nothing.
I'm not any bigger than I was. It is what it is. I've never had a problem in my
life. It was just as shocking to me."

"I wasn't even trying to figure it out," Hunter said. "I'm not a chemist. I
just said, 'For real? OK, what is it? What's wrong?' "

No word yet on how this might effect the Pistons' playoff run or Hunter's street cred on the team. After all getting suspended for taking your wife's diet pills is pretty sissy in my book. Nowhere near as hard as getting arrested for crashing your car while masturbating to a porno on the dashboard TV. Nothing like stealing birthday cakes from white dudes on the street, and not even to eat them, just to throw it on them. Heck he already has to deal with having a girl's name. And now he is taking his wife's pills instead of cheating on her like he should be. At least he had the good sense to deny "trying to figure it out" or some of his co-workers might begin to think that Lindsey uses his brain for something other than a drug testing project. Now Hunter is stuck losing weight the old fashioned way, starving due to unemployment.

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