Monday, March 26, 2007

Quick Flash 03/26/2007 - Daniela Hantuchova

  • Hoyas beat UNC, which forgot that there was an overtime period to play.
  • Florida victorious over the Ducks who came up short literally and figuratively all game long.
  • Buckeyes beat Memphis using only Oden's age and maturity as weapons.
  • UCLA over Kansas with a D reminiscent of the Pistons.
  • Texans cut David Carr and Domanick Williams (i.e. Davis) without even getting a draft pick for the former #1 draft pick and 1000 yard rusher who are both in their mid-twenties. Talk about throwing talent away.
  • Military officials poised to receive slaps on the wrist for lying about Pat Tillman's death.
  • Tiger wins another championship (or is someone just showing the same video footage over and over again).
  • Biggest idiot on TV ousted from MNF booth.
  • NBA hits Arenas with fines stemming from $10 bets with fans. But don't tell him that he's quirky.
  • D-Mat chosen in first round of my fantasy baseball league?

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