Friday, March 2, 2007

Using Cripples for Fun and Profit

Aviation business owners plan to cash in on the notoriety of a cripple. Will sports teams follow? Zero Gravity Corp. and Virgin Galactic plan on allowing noted cripple and physicist Stephen Hawking to fly on Zero's zero gravity flight and Virgin's space travel trip all for the very reasonable price of free. How could such costly things be free? Oh, they're going to parade the cripple all over the AP taking photo opportunities at every turn to mark their generosity and pitch the product and its "affordability".

"The key thing here is that weightless and personal spaceflight is something
available to everyone, even someone like Prof. Hawking," Diamandis told The
Associated Press. "This something that almost everyone can now experience."

Yeah anyone willing to shell out just short of $4K for the gravity flight or $200K for the space flight.

Perhaps the Tampa Bay Devil Rays should see if Hawking wants a invite to spring training camp. Maybe a tryout for catcher? I'm sure he could really block some balls in the dirt with that bulky wheelchair. Of course this would just be to honor his accomplishments as a physicist, not to bring attention to a struggling business by parading around cripples.

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