Thursday, April 19, 2007

2007 NBA Playoffs Preview.

Pistons and Cavs advance to the conference finals, Cleveland after a hard fought 4-3 series win over the surprising Nets. The Pistons take down the Cavs for the second year in a row after the Pistons shut down the Cavs driving duo of James and Hughes and forces them to settle for 3s that they can't hit consistently.

Suns and Mavs meet up in the West finals in what will become one of the epic series of all time. The Mavs win with a 4-3 all timer featuring a game low score of 112. Josh Howard becomes the key to the series as his defense shuts down Shawn Marion.

The Finals will belong to the Mavs as they are victorious over the Pistons with a 4-2 series that looks closer than it ever was. The Pistons lack of depth and speed is exposed. Howard shuts down Hamilton and wins the Finals MVP.

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