Monday, April 2, 2007

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

Josh White, fullback with the Dallas Desperados of the AFL, is legally blind in his left eye. This is quite apparent from the picture if you're willing to take a gander without risking losing eyesight yourself. How did he lose his eyesight you ask? In a tragic toy truck accident. No seriously. You can read about it right here. I wonder if this guys own children cried when he looked at them with his "death glare" until they were old enough to know that Daddy wouldn't eat them or turn them into ashes. This guy just looks like he should be a Raider. What does a guy like this wear for Halloween? You might think that since he is scary as hell 364 days a year, maybe he dresses up normally on that day. And wears a fake eye contact lens. How does he meet girls? This guy would make a great candidate for a reality show, especially since he plays in the Arena League, where I am sure some strange and filthy stuff goes on behind the scenes.

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