Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Quick Flash 04/17/2007 - Becky Hammon

  • Soriano injures hamstring. Cubs fans groans of curses can be measured in seismic activity all the way in Alaska.
  • Big Unit close to coming back. He will make one more rehab start at the Scottsdale Active Senior Living Community before rejoining the Diamondbacks.
  • Jays catch the injury bug but no fans are heard griping about curses. Either the Canucks are a little tougher that the Chi-towners or there are no Canadian baseball fans during the NHL playoffs.
  • Grizzlies defeat Spurs, showing how good they can really be after tanking enough to clinch the best chance at the Oden/Durant lottery.
  • Celtics show the same routine by beating the defending champion Heat after clinching the second best chance in the draft lottery.
  • Bucs might be making a move to the #1 spot in the draft to select Calvin Johnson. Let's just hope that Gruden doesn't trade the rest of his draft picks to pull it off. We all know how that story works out.
  • Agassi smashed Steffi in the face with his racket at a charity game. Looks like it was the right decision to retire with court vision like that.

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