Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Quick Flash 04/25/2007 - Jenny Adams

  • Lakers get owned. Kobe must have given up to only drop 15 with the national spotlight on him.
  • Raptors tie up the series and Bulls move up two games. Vince Carter wilted under the heat of boos and D-Wade can't flop in the lane anymore.
  • Tigers drop one in extra innings due to...surprise, surprise, pitcher errors.
  • Yankees fall to last place. HA HA HA. Way to manage that money.
  • FBI investigating threatening letters to cheerleaders, some laced with insecticide. Hmm, I guess a little different than the normal requests for underwear and perfume samples.
  • Army lied about Pat Tillman's death. What? The government not giving the public the full truth. Preposterous.
  • Everyone wants the Lions pick. Or so the Lions say until Draft Day.
  • Oden and Conley a package deal in the NBA? Sounds pretty unlikely, but if those hockey twins could pull it off then anything is possible.

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