Monday, May 7, 2007

Quick Flash 05/07/2007 - Gisela Dulko

  • Warren Sapp loses 40lbs. Could he be the new Trimspa spokesperson?
  • Cavs drop the Nets as the supporting cast comes up big for Lebron.
  • Brewers move to best record in baseball as Donkey Carnival predictions continue to do well so far.
  • Tiger wins Wachovia as no one is surprised.
  • Amaechi underestimated America in terms of its reaction to his coming out. Maybe what he really underestimated was our lack of ability to be shocked or really care about anything.
  • Van Gundy to follow old mantra: When the going gets tough, quit.
  • Atlanta CB get caught with guns and E, but at least he's not involved in dog fighting.

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