Monday, January 30, 2012

Lebron comes up "big" like always.

NBA - LeBron James of the Miami Heat’s one-handed, alley-oop dunk against the Chicago Bulls last night is already being talked about as one of the best, if not the best, ever.

Watch as King James comes swooping in from the right corner, catches the alley-oop pass from running mate Dwyane Wade with one hand in mid-air, then slams it down over the Bulls’ posterized John Lucas.

Of course, LeBron’s in-your-face disgrace faces stiff competition in the All-Time category. There was Michael Jordan’s ferocious dunk over Patrick Ewing, John Starks dunking over the Bulls in the same playoff series, Vince Carter’s giant-killing dunk at the Olympics, Julius Erving flying in from the foul line and many others.

What do you think? Does this belong at the top of the all-time dunks list? Or has LeBron himself thrown down better, including some during the Heat’s 97-93 win over the Bulls in Miami last night?

Why doesn't it say ANYWHERE that the guy he dunked on was "listed" as 5'9"???  Lebron is 6'9", 275lbs.  Only he should think him dunking on close to the shortest player in the entire league is the greatest dunk in history.  Jordan dunked on a 7'1" Hall-of-Fame center in his prime.  As big a vagina as Vince Carter is, even his dunk was against a guy that was 7'4".  The point guard at your local accountant basketball league is taller than John Lucas.  Urkel is taller than John Lucas.  Bieber is taller than John Lucas.  Instead of giving bitch Lebron props for dunking on the shortest guy on the court, we should be giving Lucas props for even trying to get underneath the basket on defense to bang with the big boys.  Where was Lebron's bravado when it was time to roll into the lane and posterize Tyson Chandler last year?  Or Kendrick Perkins two years ago?  Or Dwight Howard before that?  Oh yeah, when there's a legitimate large defender inside that's his cue to pass or shoot a fadeaway three.  Fucking pussy.  No heart.  You put Tebow's head into Lebron's body and you probably have the best basketball player in history.  Instead you have this fag who weighs more than almost every single center in the league but wont go inside when someone's there to hit him.  Bitch.

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