Monday, February 19, 2007

Irvin to make a run for the White House?

Speculation is abounding as to what Michael Irvin might do after his recent removal from ESPN. Many people are theorizing that he will return to the tom foolery that is The Worst Damn Sports Show where he "excelled" before coming to Bristol. Some feel that he might jump into movies full time after his star turn in The Longest Yard. But what few are discussing is Irvin making a run to the White House in '07. Though he hasn't been involved in the seedy underbelly of "politics" in a number of years, he has shown as recently as late 2005 an interest in returning to the lifestyle. What remains to be seen is who would be his "running mate" as his former trusted aide is no longer interested in making a run to the White House. Internet speculation runs rampant that he could pick a much younger running mate in order to attract a younger audience and impart some of his wisdom on someone eager to yearn. Possible candidates include Terrence Kiel, Odelle Thurman, Chris Henry,...hell, anyone on the Bungles.

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