Monday, February 19, 2007

Falcons finally bonding as a team

Sometimes in life we get so close to our pets that we start to take on their characteristics ourselves, proving the bond that we have is real. With athletic teams, team unity is highest when players start to take on the qualities of the team's name. When Notre Dame players start getting drunk and growing beer muscles, team unity is strong. When the Minnesota Vikings start chartering boats for the purposes of drunken debauchery and wild orgies, the players are really starting to feel personal ownership in making the franchise successful. When the Browns start playing like poop on the field and living like crap off of it, team bonds just can't get any stronger.

Luckily for the Falcons, it seems as if the offseason is coming together quite nicely. Jonathan Babineaux is starting to feel the call of the Falcon and expressed his urges to hunt prey by killing a dog. New coach Bobby Petrino probably hasn't even met with the team yet and already such displays of offseason loyalty and bonding from a player that wasn't even a captain. I'm sure that Petrino will have his eye on a certain someone when it comes time to pick those captains though. Speaking of team captains, Michael Vick is already talking about rounding up the players for a team bonding event to get them "high" enough to soar through the season like real wild Falcons.

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