Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Charlie Weis trial conspiracy theory

Charlie Weis's lawsuit against the doctors that he alleges botched his gastric bypass surgery a few years ago was declared a mistrial today. The mistrial was the result of an old man jury member moaning loudly and then fainting (although no evidence of auto erotic asphyxiation was visible at this point). The two defendants in the case (ie the docs that are getting sued by Charlie) then rushed to the aid of the man in front of the whole jury, saving the guys life (maybe) but definitely ruining the case Charlie had against them in the eyes of the jury due to their heroic and selfless efforts. Speculation abounds from anonymous sources that Ron Zook is somehow involved in masterminding the "convenient" situation for the docs. Sources close to Zook say that there is no way that he can mastermind anything, let alone a diabolical plot so deep with intrigue and betrayal. Weis is left with no recourse but to bring the case to trial again, this time keeping an ever watchful eye on the devious Ron Zook lest he recruit an entire jury next time instead of just one member.

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eric said...

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