Monday, February 26, 2007

Wade signs landmark endorsement deal

Dwayne Wade announced a landmark endorsement deal with Pride Mobility, one of the country's leading providers of wheelchairs. In a joint collaboration between Pride Mobility and Converse, a new, more stylish wheelchair basketball model will be designed. The product will be marketed to the urban crowd paralyzed by gang violence and idiotic shootouts, which previously was reluctant to purchase wheelchairs due to a general feeling of uncoolness emanating from current models combined with a general lack of cash flow and credit availability. Pride Mobility agreed to the joint venture only after much negotiation to include a "no crying clause" in Wade's contract stating that he can never again cry in a wheelchair as it reinforces the negative stereotype that people are not happy to be in wheelchairs. The chairs should be available in mid-2008 and are stated to include a sidearm holster and basketball pouch.

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