Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wild West...Delonte style

In one of the more bizarre girlfriend stories this year (assuming William Green and Andre Rison can stay single for the rest of the year), Celtics guard Delonte West came home from a night of clubbing drama between his girlfriend and sister to find even more headaches. His girlfriend, Caryn Taylor, had come home ahead of him and locked herself in his bathroom, blabbering about how much their relationship meant to her. When faced with this situation in real life, meaning a blabbering girl locked in your bathroom crying and screaming about the value of the relationship, leave immediately. That is the only appropriate response to such behavior. Delonte, failing to heed all common sense and reason, opened the door to find Caryn jabbing shards of a broken mirror into her wrists repeatedly. Caryn later said that she was not trying to kill herself, but wanted to show her commitment to the relationship and display her anger at West's friends and family "picking" on her while they were in town. All of this would have never happened had West never opened that door. If he would have just left, her silly attention getting ploy would never have occurred as there would have been no one to get attention from. She would have cooled down and realized that there was no future for their relationship, packed up all of her stuff, wrote a lengthy apology note, and left a list of referrals as possible new girlfriends. At least that's how I would have seen it happening.


alsoinmyopinion said...
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alsoinmyopinion said...

The author of this article sounds like he knows her personally because she is indeed an attenton whore. She posts on the groupie site Lipstick Alley. I am not surprised she tried to kill herself. This stripper chick has serious issues.