Thursday, February 22, 2007

Vic Carucci, finding needles in haystacks

Vic Carucci of released his list of the top ten prospects to watch at the combine this week. His stunning insight and hours of research have brought us a list of players that have much to gain from good workouts this weekend, as for many of these players (ie. Adrian Peterson, Jamarcus Russell, and Calvin Johnson), a split second in the 40 could mean the difference between going in the first round or being a fifth rounder. Carucci's list clearly illustrates the differences between professional sports writers and amateur draft bloggers. Carucci, using his years of contacts within the NFL, was able to bring forth a list of prospects that I would wager most college football fans have never even heard of, but have a distinct chance at getting drafted high with a good showing at the Combine. Kudos to Carucci for giving me a few players to pay attention to during the 63 hours of consecutive NFL Network coverage.

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