Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tommy Gunns down AIDS

Tommy Morrison has added AIDS to the lengthy list of opponents that he has defeated in his lifetime. At a glance, such a claim would seem impossible, until you take a look at what Morrison has already beaten in his life: Poverty, child abuse, hillbillyness, Rocky's shadow, George Foreman, Razor Ruddock, a vasectomy, crystal meth, prison rape, and the 650 other actors he beat out to play Tommy Gunn. The list of defeated opponents just goes on and on, but Tommy Morrison just keeps on winning. And now he is the first white man to beat AIDS and just the second male ever (Magic Johnson was the first) to defeat the dreaded disease. How could he do it? It was not that long ago that his T-cell count was down to a drastically low 18 (from a normal level between 500 and 1500), and now, just a few years later, to have no trace of HIV in his system is simply amazing. Tommy credits the strength of his blood (he does have John Wayne in his direct lineage) and a blood exercise program that he designed in prison in which he would gradually trade out his infected blood with another inmate's clean blood, all during regular prison rape style intercourse. To most guys in prison, anal rape is all about fun and play. But Tommy was different. While he had a good time too, he was there to work, and, with a little luck, save his life. Within a few years of following this anal rape exercise program, the HIV virus was completely gone from his system and spread to over 200 other prison inmates. Morrison was clean. Clean and victorious once again. The next opponent on Tommy's fight schedule is his own foolishness and stupidity, which has been one of his main adversaries his entire adult life. But for those of you counting Tommy out in this fight, I wouldn't bet on it.

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