Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pacman tastes Redemption.

Starting to lose faith in his talents and contemplating retirement, Pacman Jones came through in the clutch this weekend. Pacman has been hearing the boos from his posse for the past few months, and even he admits that it was starting to get to him.

"You get tired everyday comin' back to ya crib and all you be hearin' is yo'
boys clownin' you, saying you ain't got it no mo. That you done. I was startin'
to believe 'em too. I've been tryin' but I just ain't been performin' like I
know I can."

Facing doubters from all corners and most importantly from inside, Pacman busted out of his slump this weekend and broke his nearly four month long arrestless streak, dating back to 10/26/2006. It almost didn't even happen despite his best efforts.

"All that hard work I did. Slammin' that ho's head against the stage. Musta
been five times. Bitin' that fool bouncer. Havin' my boyz go out blazin' out in
the lot. And still, it almost all went unnoticed. They wanted to bring me in as a witness, 'stead of arrestin' me. I told 'em, check the tape, check the tape, that's all the witness you need. Tryin' to give someone else the credit. That's how life always go. Some other fool tryin' to take credit for what you worked hard for. I'm back.
Don't be talkin' how I fell off. I'm back."

If Pacman's street cred was traded a publicly traded stock, investors could be seeing the beginning of a bull market. Pacman is officially back. Keep your strippers home and off the streets. He's coming and he's bringing the devil with him.

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