Monday, March 19, 2007

Can Clyde get out of Hakeem's Shadow?

Clyde Drexler, among a cast of other washed up actors and athletes including Apolo Anton Ohno and Laila Ali, is prepared to finally chase down the elusive athletic title that he has been unable to win when not paired with The Dream. He could not do it with a Trail Blazers team loaded with talent in Terry Porter, Buck Williams, and Jerome Kersey. Some may argue that he did it on The Dream Team. Though he may not have been in Olajuwon's large shadow, he was completely engulfed by the nation encompassing shadow of one Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Up to this point in his athletic career Clyde has only tasted championship glory as a second fiddle. Now he has a chance to turn that all around.

It will take craft and cunning on his part to beat back the challenges of such worthy adversaries as the old mail man from Cheers, the other gay guy from NSYNC, a mulletted country music one hit wonder, and a middle aged former teen heart throb from 90210. Clyde will have his size working against him, both his imposing height and his larger than normal feet. Can he navigate the pitfalls of the waltz, tango, and foxtrot without tripping his partner? Can he swing dance while dancing with a partner nearly a foot shorter than him without looking foolish? Clyde thinks he can, and so do I. The drama begins tonight at 8pm on ABC. Be there or actually have a life.

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