Monday, March 19, 2007

Joey Porter ready for Bumfights

Joey Porter, mindful of the day when he will be penniless and living under a bridge like so many pro athletes before him with no skills off the athletic field, auditioned for Bumfights recently by getting into a brawl with Bungles OT Levi Jones. The fight started because the two don't like each other (of course a great reason for getting arrested while on vacation). Sadly Jones was not arrested, leaving the Bungles' streak of good behavior intact for the moment. In fact according to PFT, Jones got destroyed by Porter and did not even land a punch. So not only did Jones not get arrested. He was beaten up my a much smaller man, in public, who also happens to be a former division rival. Sad day for the Bungles. Good day for Porter who added another notch to his belt of AFC North players whose ass he kicked.

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