Monday, March 19, 2007

Sweet 16 Surprise

Among the many shocks at this year's Sweet 16 is not the seeds that made it in, as no seed lower than a 7 qualified this year. It's more a shock of the abundance of successful coaches that have become fixtures in the Sweet 16 that have not made it this year. To start of Jim Calhoun and Jim Boeheim did not even make the tournament this year. Mike Krzyzewski, Lute Olson and Bobby Knight took a plane home after the first round. Gary Williams went home in the second. All in all it's not a great year to be a historically enormously successful college coach this year. At least the crappy coaches like Rick Barnes and Mike Davis are sitting at home also. I wonder if the same thing is happening on the women's side of the bracket. But that would require watching and/or reading about the games which is way too much effort for that silly piece of information. I'd rather look at girls in swimsuits...riding horses.

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