Sunday, March 4, 2007

Cheerleader won't break her neck pleasing critics.

Kristi Yamaoka, the Southern Illinois cheerleader that gained notoriety last year by breaking her neck during a nationally televised game, recounts what she has learned over the past year as a result of the injury. Surprisingly it is more than just a rehash of simple lessons involving gravity, soft human body parts vs. hard surfaces, and risking your neck for something meaningless. One also discovers that cheerleading is a fickle world as one would assume that Krisiti would be viewed as a heroic figure for her comeback, but instead she is reviled among cheerleaders as the scapegoat for the rules changes that removed most of the cool flippery and stuntography from cheerleading, meaning that a lot of ugly but athletic girls will lose their jobs to hotter girls with short skirts and big cans. Oh the tragedy.

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