Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Interesting week for King James.

It has been an interesting week for King James both on and off the court. On the court the Cavaliers defeated the Pacers to clinch a playoff spot in the East, continuing their hot streak after the All-Star break when Lebron suddenly started trying again after a lackluster (for him) first half of the season.

Off the court, albeit pretty closely off the court, King James' son, Lebron Jr., caused some controversy by laying on a towel in front of the Cavs bench, inches from the court and the certain doom that could come from large falling athletes ala Dusty Baker's kid a few years ago. Though there were two ball boys stationed closely by to protect the Prince, I find it hard to believe that they would not save themselves if Eddie Curry's large belly came tumbling their way.

On the entertainment side of the one man industry that is Lebron, King James has signed on to co-host the ESPYs with Jimmy Kimmel. That night will be an important one for James if he wants to show that he has the comedic ability and stage presence to be an actor, which is no doubt a part of the plan to make Lebron the richest man in the world and a global icon. Here's to hoping that he can do better than Kazaam in the acting department.

Lebron also had some news in his personal life as the King is building a palace in a suburb of Akron to go with the house he already owns out there and the luxury apartment in downtown Cleveland. When completed the house will have over 35k square feet and include such amenities as a bowling alley, barber shop, and 11 bedrooms. Hopefully this major building project is a sign of commitment to the Cavs when LBJ becomes a free agent again after the 2009 or 2010 seasons.

Also worth noting is that the LBJ23 Nike brand will be getting plenty of exposure this weekend as the Ohio State Buckeyes play in the Final Four wearing the specially designed jerseys. After the close escapes the Buckeyes have lived through, it seems that enough of the Lebron magic might be present in the jerseys to make them a permanent OSU fixture.

It's a busy week in the life of a global icon and it won't get any easier when the playoffs roll around or the sure to be busy offseason filled with endorsements and public appearances. One has to wonder whether he is pulling a Michael Keaton in Multiplicity and simply having clones do his work for him. If anyone could pull off making a cloning machine, it would be Lebron.

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