Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Jerramy Stevens Frat House Experience

Jerramy Stevens has gotten into more trouble. This time with his condo association. According to residents Stevens has subjected them to a smorgasbord of used condoms, vomit on their deck, drunken fights, loud music, and stealing parking spots since he's been a resident. He has been fined $500 a pop for each infraction that has been reported but many residents have not reported him out of fear and physical intimidation because of his size and blackness.

When I read stories like this I laugh at the humorousness of what happened and the stiff neighbors reaction to the situation, or overreaction to be more appropriate. Since they are living in a condo, it is mostly filled with young professionals, single divorcees, or the elderly. My guess is that Stevens is not the only guy coming home from the bars a little too loud from a little too much whiskey. Chances are he is not the only guy strolling in with a group of drunken guys either. I'm sure that there are plenty of young stock brokers and lawyers partying till all hours each weekend and maybe even puking on decks themselves. The difference is that these guys are getting the benefit of a knock on the door the next day telling them to keep it down while everyone is afraid to do that to Stevens because they think he'll hit them with a baseball bat.

This is not a perilous situation in which the neighbors are helpless and living with fear. All they have to do is go over and knock on his door until someone answers, and tell the drunks to keep it quiet or they'll call the cops. If Stevens does beat them with a bat, it's like Christmas in whatever month the event happens in because it would be lawsuit heaven. The bottom line is that the residents are just wusses and afraid of even talking to a guy because he's big and black. If a guy is in your parking spot, you knock on his door and get him to move. Treat him like any old frat guy who is too loud and too drunk. He's no different. Hell he might even end up inviting you to his parties.

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