Friday, March 16, 2007

Brandon Short can duck really well.

Giants LB Brandon Short got a little more than he bargained for when he was shopping in a Greenwich Village jewelry store. Instead of picking up a promise ring or an apology ring or some foolishness like that, Short was a bystander in a semi-automatic weapons shootout. Short laid flat on the ground in the back of the jewelry store as police exchanged fire with the gunman. The gunman had robbed the bar next door earlier and killed two police officers and a bartender in the process. The gunman had snuck around town wearing a fake beard and carrying a large bag filled with two semi-automatic weapons and 100 rounds. The perpetrator finally went out shooting, falling after police fired 56 shots at him, many of which passed over Short as he lay on the ground in the back of the jewelry store. Moral of story: Don't trust a guy wearing a fake beard who is not on a movie set. He is likely trying to disguise his identity for the purposes of committing a heinous crime.

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