Friday, March 16, 2007

Quick Flash 03/16/2007 - Summer Sanders

  • NBA All-Star Game to go overseas? Trading thugs shooting bouncers for soccer hooligans flipping over cars and burning them? Seems like a great trade. Billy King must somehow be involved.
  • Pippen still begging for teams...
  • Kris Benson out for season with rotator cuff injury. Maybe it occurred from slapping around a certain person's funbags just a little too much?
  • Streets of Chicago will be safe for four months.
  • Scott Pollard want your kids to do drugs. No doubt that Josh Heytvelt blames him for his psychedelic problems.
  • Big Daddy is MIA. Then again Miami is awfully close to the Bermuda Triangle...
  • D-league guy has his own shoe? What? What's next? Best guy at Bally's gets a deal?

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