Thursday, March 15, 2007

Holyfield unsure about things

Evander Holyfield expressed uncertainty after his recent naming in the Orlando steroids raid. But punch drunk as he is, he is probably unsure about a lot of things these days. like where to take a number 2, when it is appropriate to dance, and what keeps happening to all of his money. But one thing he should not be unsure about is that he used HGH. The evidence weighs heavily against him. An alias listed in the Orlando pharmacy record refers to an "Evan Fields" and the phone number listed on the page was answered by Holyfield when called. Then who can forget his retirement in 1994 from having a hole in his heart, coupled with a "miraculous" return a few years later. It's quite possible that the "miracle" was merely the organ regrowing and regenerating effects that HGH can cause, especially in an organ made of muscle like the heart. Combine this knowledge with his sudden rise back to the top of boxing after being washed up in 1993 due to the heart condition. All of a sudden he goes from retired to beating Mike Tyson twice, going the distance with Lennox Lewis (a much superior fighter and specimen), and fighting numerous other fights. The entire situation reeks of a desperate fighter whose body was failing him in 1993 that stumbled upon a fountain of youth called HGH that restored his injured heart, gave him back his speed, and restored his vitality. Holyfield should be confused about a lot of things these days after the amount of punishment he has taken during his career. But one thing that he should not be confused about is whether he used HGH and why everyone would think that he did.

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