Thursday, March 15, 2007

Vick opens Thunderbird Emporium

Michael Vick has made the latest splash on the Atlanta restaurant with the opening of his new wine themed restaurant, The Tasting Room. The Tasting Room will focus on providing a fine dining culture for the urbane gangster. The restaurant will feature a dress code that requires sports coats, platinum jewelry, and does not allow guns, though the booths come with bulletproof glass shields just in case. The menu will offer the thuggish delights that patrons are accustomed to. Thunderbird, Cisquo, Night Train and other citrus wine favorites headline the wine portion of the menu. However if wine does not strike the palate that night, one can grab an Old English, Schlitz, or Mickey's which are all available on tap or in a frosted 40. The food is a delightful fare of barbecued and fried pork products sprinkled in with the occasional catfish dish. Dessert is served off of the nude bodies of strippers as they lay horizontal on tables in front of the customer. No detail is left to chance as even the aroma of the place, a pungent dank indescribable mixture, reminds patrons of the urban culture. On the whole the restaurant rates at a solid five pimp smacks and is sure to become part of the Atlanta night scene for years to come.

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