Tuesday, March 13, 2007

LSU Conspiracy Theory

After the firing of LSU Lady Tiger's basketball coach, Pokey Chatman, from allegations of sexual relations with former players, reports have surfaced that the romantic incidents between Pokey and her players were first reported to school officials in February. The question arises as to why the school took nearly a month to terminate Chatman.

One theory focuses on the school hoping that the story would fizzle out on its own before becoming a national item, thereby enabling the program to retain the recruiting advantage that it had in Pokey. For some reason or another, the brawny and beefy high school basketball players instantly hit it off with the playful Pokey. Maybe it was her giving nature, after all she did finish as LSU's all time assists leader, meaning that she knows a thing or two about putting other girls in a position to score. Firing Chatman would mean sacrificing the relationships that she has been able to strike up with recruits and risking that future prospects wouldn't enjoy the taste or flavor of the that the Tiger program had with Chatman.

Access has been restricted to players until the season is over, especially to questions about Chatman getting fired. School officials are fearful that with a little smooth talking the players would easily give up the goods.

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