Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Man loses ear over soccer game.

Soccer matches outside the United States have once again proven to be entertaining. A man had his ear bitten off in a brawl after Greece lost to Turkey in a European Championships Qualifier. The best part was that this brawl did not even happen at the game or in the parking lot. It happened completely away from the stadium at a bar where men were watching the game on TV. The fight started because a group of Turkish fans were cheering each goal that their country scored. How much worse could the fight have been if it had happened in the stadium parking lot. Would the man's face have been bitten off Hannibal Lecter style? Would the attackers had eaten his organs as proof of Turkish soccer dominance over Greece? What has been the most intense thing to happen at an American soccer match? Well first of all we don't even have pro soccer so it probably happened at the grade school level when two dads brawled over the cut list of the super duper elite travel team their kids were trying out for.

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