Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The softness of American youth.

As seen on With Leather a high school golfer was apparently scarred for life after a wedgie. What male in our country has not received a wedgie or an attempted one at some point. The 13 year old "victim" doubled over in pain and cried for half an hour according to his mother. The last time I cried for half an hour was when I was 6. When I was 13 I nearly ripped my right thumb off playing school yard football. I continued to play and concealed the injury for two days until my mom made me go to the hospital. What has changed so much in the past ten years that has created such a softness and fragility in our culture? No one can tough it out anymore. They cry to their parents about bullies instead of learning how to take care of them themselves. Parents sue over wedgies, towel whips, and fraternity hazing. What's next? Are the Marines going to start crying on TV over what their drill instructor says or does to them? We are leaving America in a very sad and sorry state if the only somewhat tough men are in the military and the rest know more about color coordination than busting heads. At this rate our country will be taken over by a herd of mountain goats sometime in the next five years.

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