Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Quick Flash 03/21/2007 - Tanith Belbin

  • George Karl's son Cobi has cancer. Nothing to joke about there.
  • Big Baby ready to turn pro. Reportedly has eyes on $106/day meal money.
  • Bob Uecker still has stalkers? Is this stalker still going to be following him when he is in a home pissing in his depends while he holds a carrot like a microphone?
  • Butch Davis has mouth cancer. I'm sure some deranged Browns fans might have a few things to say about karma.
  • SF Giants stadium going solar. Probably to keep the naked Berkley tree people away from the diamond.
  • Schaub traded to Texans. Vick free to celebrate in any way he wants...until it's time to drug test.
  • Jerramy Stevens not coming back to Seattle. Maintenance workers at his condo break out into applause.

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