Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Quick Flash 03/28/2007 - Gina Carano

  • Frank Gore gets a new deal. Good thing for him since he probably only has a year or two left in those knees.
  • Roger Federer loses match. Rivers run with blood. Death of first born child imminent.
  • Old March Madness fame dies hard, crazy fans are tough to shake no matter how small a market you are playing in, and the ABA pays in chicken nuggets.
  • Prime example of why chicks should not be sportswriters: They lack logic and reason.
  • 350lb lineman can do a backflip. If NFL dreams fail, has career as sideshow freak as a fallback (or is it a flipback in this case?).
  • Sidney Lowe's son is a criminal but not a Bungle, but team is likely impressed with the 22 charges pending against him..
  • Chris Henry gets arrested again and is for sure a Bungle.
  • OJ Mayo calls the shots in his life and give his cell number to no one.
  • Could Dhani Jones soon be free to go dancin' in the streets?

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