Friday, March 2, 2007

Snake bows to Boy Wonder Simms

Jake Plummer has retired rather than accept a trade to the Tampa Bay Bucs where he would not be guaranteed the starting spot and would have to fight Chris Simms for the job. He should retire if his competitive fire is so far gone that he is not willing to "battle" Chris Simms for the job. Chris Simms of the 46.3 passer rating last season as a starter. Chris Simms of the one TD and seven INTs as a starter last season. Chris Simms that has lost vital organs on the field as a starter last season. Objectively speaking, the QB competition wouldn't have ended up being compared to Rocky and Drago, but would probably look more like "Playoff" Peyton Manning and Rex Grossman. What happened to the young gunslinger that many compared to a young Brett Favre due to his gambling style and poise in the clutch. But if Jake's self confidence is so bad that he wouldn't risk competing with a patsy like Simms then he should retire. Nothing sadder than a gambler that loses his nerve.

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