Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tyrone Lewis vs Bloods

Tyrone Lewis, basketball player for NCAA tournament bound Niagara, has faced much scarier opponents than the #1 seeded Kansas Jayhawks. Lewis had to face the wrath of the infamous Bloods in high school after his sister testified against the gang. As a result, Lewis gave his class president's speech at his high school via close close circuit TV from an undisclosed location for his own protection. Additionally when Lewis travels to cities in which their is a high gang concentration, he is followed by police escorts. There are even some that joke that Lewis attended Niagara because the purple colors of the team is a neutral mix of the colors of the Bloods and Crips. The moral of the story is that gangs suck big time and it would be wise not to get involved with them unless you are confined to prison for a reasonably long length of time where such allegiances might provide you with the ever coveted shower safety that one requires to sit comfortably on a regular basis.

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