Wednesday, March 14, 2007

USDA Tackles Bear Wrestling

The USDA is set to crack down on Caesar the Wrestling Bear, who is set to fight at the I-X Center in Cleveland today. The government body, which is more widely known for putting milk mustaches on celebrities like Angelina Jolie, is preventing Caesar from seeking lawful employment because of some past indiscretions on the part of his owner in obtaining his license. The issue here is not what the Dairy and Agriculture department is doing dealing with bear wrestling and preventing one from earning an honest wage. Nor is it the unjust treatment of the easily tricked humans coerced into wrestling a bear. The real story is the mysterious absence of PETA.

PETA can show up nude and covered in blood to stage a "die-in" in front of your local J.Crew. PETA can pass out children frightening horror movie style "unhappy" meals in front of McDonald's. But where are they when the animals actually needs them? Who is there to fight for Caesar's right to work and earn a living? If nothing else the organization should be there to cheer on one of its own as Caesar plows through human after evil human, skinning each combatant alive to create himself a nice leather bomber jacket. What kind of animal lovers can they really be if they don't relish the site of bears eating people?


Michelle said...

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