Sunday, April 1, 2007

2007 AL East Preview

  1. Boston Red Sox - The Red Sox boast a much improved pitching staff with the ballyhooed addition of D-Mat, who should win 17 games with that filthy stuff before tiring from pitching every 5 days instead of 6. Papelbon in the pen along with Donnelly, Romero, and Timlin also give me a sense of confidence making this call. Not to mention the always frightening presence of Stephen King on their side.

  2. New York Yankees - The Yanks will come in second but they won't make the playoffs. The pitching staff is just too unsettled with no dominant starter. This all might change if Clemens suddenly jumps on board. Also A-Rod is walking on egg shells and is a basket case.

  3. Toronto Blue Jays - They should come out of the gates strong but Frank Thomas won't last the season and of course AJ Burnett will get his yearly injury. A team that could be a force for years if they could just come up with one more reliable starter.

  4. Tampa Bay Devil Rays - If Baldelli can finally stay healthy for a season they might be able to jump to the #3 spot in this division, but that's a pretty big if. They really might have something if Edwin Jackson can finally develop and give them a starter besides Kazmir.

  5. Baltimore Orioles - They'd make a great video game team but I don't think that the aging infield of Mora, Tejada, Roberts, and Huff has anymore of their good seasons left in them. Not to mention the incredibly talented but unable to perform starters led by Cabrera and Jaret Wright. Bedard is the only consistent one in that group.

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