Sunday, April 1, 2007

2007 AL Central Preview

  1. Cleveland Indians - The Tribe will triumph because of their superior pitching depth, a rebound season from Jhonny Peralta, a ROY caliber performance from Andy Marte, and a much settled bullpen especially when Adam Miller gets called up to pitch in the pen. Not to mention the most important factor of all: Travis Hafner will play a full season finally and hit 55 HRs and 145 RBIs. Oh and they will also make it to the World Series but I won't predict a winner out of fear of jinxing them.

  2. Detroit Tigers - Sheffield gives them a bat that won't wilt under the pressures of the post season. They will make the playoffs but not the Series because of a consistent foolishness in keeping Zumaya out of the closers role and a dead arm from Justin Verlander after his two years of massive innings. Also Kenny Rogers' arm falls off around September, almost forgot to mention that.

  3. Minnesota Twins - Santana and Morneau are typical and Hunter turns in a phenomenal year in his walk season, but the subtraction of Liriano to injury and addition of Sidney Ponson just hurts too much. Not to mention that Luis Castillo is done as an everyday player. Maybe next year for these guys.

  4. Chicago White Sox - The team is hurt by the trade of Freddy Garcia and the wheels fall off after the team suffers injuries to Erstad, Jenks, Thome, and Dye crippling the team and ruining the season. Ozzie Guillen will probably be fired for saying something stupid to a minority group.

  5. Kansas City Royals - A better year than expected for these guys. Greinke finally has a good year and the staff is solid (by Royals standards) but unspectacular. Dotel and Riske stabilize the pen while Alex Gordon and Ryan Shealy show the future could be bright. Very bright.

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