Sunday, April 1, 2007

2007 AL West Preview

  1. Oakland Athletics - The A's rise above the high priced payrolls again and come within a couple of games of making it to the World Series. Mike Piazza becomes this year's Frank Thomas and, freed from the physical burdens of catching, plays in 145 games, hits 35 HRs, and 130 RBIs. Harden finally stays healthy and makes a Cy Young push on what might be the best staff in baseball with Joe Kennedy finally pitching like he can. The bullpen is top notch too. It's a miracle that Cleveland beats them in the ALCS.

  2. Los Angelos Angels - Ervin Santana breaks out into an All-Star talent. Unfortunately Jered Weaver regresses, Colon gets fatter, and Garret Anderson gets more painful to watch swing. A lot of money spent but just not a playoff team. Oh and a steroid free Gary Matthews Jr. just isn't very good, especially in the lead off spot.

  3. Seattle Mariners - King Felix delivers but the same can't be said for the rest of the staff. A lack of pop with Vidro at the DH and Sexson and Beltre past their better days. Jose Guillen has a great comeback season and actually stays on a team for a whole year for once in his lifetime.

  4. Texas Rangers - For once the problem is not the pitching as Millwood, McCarthy, and Padilla come close to breaking the 4.00 ERA barrier (which is impossible in that stadium). Otsuka is dominant in the pen as Gagne gets relegated to a setup guy. But Young is the only hitter that plays up to his normal standards. Sosa sucks. Teixeira plays like last year. So does Blalock. And has anyone noticed that the outfield is garbage. Enough said.

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