Sunday, April 1, 2007

2007 NL East Preview

  1. Philadelphia Phillies - The team challenges Oakland for the best rotation in baseball with Cole Hamels, Wife Beater Myers, Old Man Moyer, Freddy Garcia, and Adam Eaton/Jon Lieber for trade fodder to acquire bullpen depth. Howard hits another 40 and 100 while Utley continues to prove why he is the best 2B since Roberto Alomar. They won't make it to the Series however as Moyer and Gordon run out of gas in the playoffs.

  2. New York Mets - The team will rely on its awesome lineup for most of the season until Pedro Martinez returns to save the team and lead them to the Series as a wild card. Shawn Green gets traded for bullpen help and Milledge takes over in RF. Oliver Perez emerges from his two year slumber and Ambiorix Burgos finally puts his great stuff to use as the closer in waiting behind Wagner. Who knows they might even acquire Dontrelle Willis.

  3. Florida Marlins - If they don't trade Willis they will flirt with .500 the entire season before their hitters fail to match last year's numbers and hang the talented pitching staff out to dry. Uggla, Jacobs, and Willingham fail to match last year's production, especially down the stretch.

  4. Atlanta Braves - The team only has one good pitcher that isn't ancient in Tim Hudson, inconsistent hitting outside of the Joneses and McCann, and will spend half the season with Slim Wickman as its closer. That spells mediocrity if their lucky. But Soriano will be the closer by the end of the season and might be an All Star by next season.

  5. Washington Nationals - John Patterson, Felipe Lopez, Ryan Zimmerman, and nothing else. Not much else to say.

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