Sunday, April 1, 2007

2007 NL Central Preview

  1. Milwaukee Brewers - The Brewers end a long playoff drought as Ben Sheets stays healthy and dominant, Chris Capuano wins 17 games, and Dave Bush emerges to form a great top 3 to the rotation with Suppan filling in for support. Richie Weeks makes the All Star team and Prince Fielder breaks into the 30/100 club. Cory Koskie and Geoff Jenkins remind people that they used to be pretty good players. Estrada and Hall come close to making the All Star team.

  2. St. Louis Cardinals - Pujols, Rolen, and Duncan anchor the offense while Carpenter and the emerging Adam Wainwright anchor the pitching staff. They don't make the playoffs however because Edmonds and Isringhausen are done and the bullpen in shambles with Wainwright and Looper in the rotation. Maybe they can reacquire Jeff Weaver to save the day.

  3. Houston Astros - A pretty well put together team that might win this division if Clemens comes out and rescues them. Oswalt is dominant and Jason Jennings should be great. But the rest of the staff sucks or 100 years old (Woody Williams). The lineup should be the most potent in a while with Berkman, Lee, Ensberg, and the emerging Luke Scott. But without Clemens no postseason.

  4. Chicago Cubs - Another disappointment despite spending a gagillion dollars. Soriano hits around .260 while hitting 30/80. But his .300 OBP kills the team from the lead off spot and his D kills them in centerfield. Lots of hitting but no pitching. Zambrano is the only guy in the staff worth a salt as Wade Miller joins Prior and Wood in the injury wasteland. Almost don't even need to mention that the bullpen implodes.

  5. Pittsburgh Pirates - Jason Bay continues to produce and draw the lustful eyes of the Yanks, Red Sox, and Mets who think he will look great in their outfield one day. LaRoche hits 30/100 and Duffy steals 70. The young staff flashes some talent but the bullpens sucks and thwarts their efforts. Not this year.

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farris said...

I know we always suck, but what about the Reds?