Monday, April 23, 2007

Landis Backup Result Tests Positve

After nearly a year (how does blood or urine take nearly a year to check?) Floyd Landis has in fact tested positive for synthetic testosterone after his backup samples confirmed the initial positive. I don't really care at this point. This story has for sure tested positive for boredom. I do more interesting things each afternoon than this whole Landis doping story. I eat sandwiches, big and spicy ones. I sell people things that they don't need. I sit and day dream about work being over and me sunning myself next to California co-eds. You get the picture.

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pommi said...

The recent tests that started Apr 16, were performed on urine samples which are from stages OTHER than Stage 17. The A samples of these urine samples have previously tested NEGATIVE, and they allegedly are now POSITIVE. What does this say about the competence of the lab ?
The sample taken directly after S17 (Morzine) was the only sample where both A and B tested "positive".