Friday, April 20, 2007

Pacman Apologizes Via Ad

Pacman took out a full page ad in The Tennessean apologizing for his actions over that past few weeks and stating that he has learned a "lifetime of lessons" from them. I assume that the lessons he means are things like:

- Take more than five steps away from entourage when they open fire on unarmed bystanders so that it looks like I might not be involved.

- Make sure guns used in shootouts are not registered to me.

- Getting suspended for a whole season costs a lot of money.

- Find a new PR person who is better at transferring blame to other entities.

- Never forget to state that it's the system that is at fault, not me.
- Use my 4.3 speed to flee the scene. And fast.

One also has to love the line about creating a scholarship for walk-on players at WVU, as if something like that is even possible since the NCAA imposes an 85 scholarship limit on each team. I might as well promise the same thing.

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