Monday, April 23, 2007

Quick Flash 04/23/2007 - Biba Golic

  • Brandon Wright leaving UNC to turn pro. Guess it's Tyler's team now.
  • Bonds hits 739 and 740 over the weekend. Has a guy ever even hit 740 homers in his softball career? Cheater or not, still amazing.
  • Red Wings finish off the Flames who are left with going back to pathetically average Canada.
  • Warriors take down the Mavs on their home court. An upset might just be brewing as long as Baron Davis can avoid the buffet and trainer's table.
  • Nuggets upset the Spurs. Can Ginobli's bald spot save them?
  • Nadal beats Federer as the great champ shows that he is weak on clay.
  • Jeff Gordon wins to tie Earnhardt and honors him in victory. Tens of thousands of NASCAR fans took out their chew out of respect.
  • Red Sox hit 4 straight homers to beat the Yanks. A-Rod makes final out with runner on base, prepares for boos when he returns home.

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