Monday, April 23, 2007

The Fall of Cro Cop

In a stunning turn of events Saturday night, Mirko Cro Cop, the pretty much unrivaled heavyweight MMA fighter, was knocked out by the relatively unknown Gabreil Gonzaga. This was not a fluke slippage knockout either. Gonzaga cranked Cro Cop in the head with a brutal leg kick which knocked him out so quickly that Mirko fell onto his own left leg where it looks like he may have dislocated his ankle and torn a knee ligament or two. With this win Gonzaga wins the right to battle Randy Couture for the UFC heavyweight title in August. It should be an interesting bout since Gonzaga is pretty new and Couture is pretty old, as in 43 years old. You gotta love it when an unknown fighter comes out and slays one of the giants of the sport, but that is the essence of MMA, that anything can happen at any moment (except for eye gouging, biting, etcc, but you get the point).

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