Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Quick Flash 04/03/2007 - Svetlana Khorkina

  • A look at the possible foreign entrants to the 2007 NBA Draft detailing the tall Chinese guys, soft defensive Europeans, and crazy haired South Americans that might be available.
  • Could Billy Donovan be jumping ship to Kentucky? Doesn't he know what the weather and culture are like in that state?
  • Cavs taking aim at Stevie Franchise or Tiny Earl in the offseason. Two shoot first point guards on the wrong side of 30 are sure to put the team over that Conference Finals hump.
  • Tebucky Jones making movie about spoiled NFL children. Are his children spoiled because they actually know who their father is? Courtesy of PFT.
  • Creighton coach leaving for Arkansas. It's not often in life that people go from chicken to pork.
  • Butler coach jumping to Iowa as Butler continues to prove unable to nail down any sort of commitment, getting dumped by every coach once they win a tourney game or two.
  • Jordan Farmar played minor league and major league basketball on the same day.
  • Tribune Co. to sell the Cubs. Daniel Snyder should buy them so that they could spend some serious money on free agents.
  • Royals undefeated as Gil Meche (Who? He makes $11M?) out pitches Schilling by plenty.

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