Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Quick Flash 04/04/2007 - Nancy Kerrigan

  • Lady Vols win NCAA Championship. Good thing they put the "Lady" in the team name so that we don't get confused.
  • Former Creighton coach becomes new Creighton coach after deciding that he likes chicken better than pork after all.
  • WNBA draft.....ZZZZ.....ZZZZZ.....what? What time is it?
  • Reggie Bush banned from the Playboy Mansion....but is he really banned?
  • Peavy returns to form and shutsout the Giants on opening day.
  • Michigan steals WVU basketball coach. Talk about a cultural difference. Rednecks to Asian pre-meds in 24 hours.
  • Bzdelik leaves Air Force to coach Colorado, completing a sweep of coaching every major program in the state when you include the Nuggets. Oh, wait a sec, isn't Colorado State D1 too?

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