Thursday, April 5, 2007

Quick Flash 04/05/2007 - Mia St. John

  • Barry Bonds homers, within 20 of tying record. Guess BALCO showed up during the spring ready to contribute.
  • Rip Hamilton and Tyrus Thomas get ejected from game for fighting. Somehow Ben Wallace didn't start it or even get involved.
  • Tracy McGrady leaves game with back injury...No way! Most shocking event of the last hour!
  • Extra Innings to continue to show MLB games on cable. Yet another case of John Kerry to the rescue. What? Another?
  • Arenas' knee bends wrong way as Wizards season goes the same route.
  • Mets sweep Cards while showing that age goes before beauty.
  • Pirates sweep Astros while showing that beauty comes before age.
  • Angels sweep Rangers while showing that good triumphs over sucks.

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