Friday, April 6, 2007

Quick Flash 04/06/2007 - Jana Kandarr

  • Donovan stays and Huggins goes as musical coaches continues. One stays with a crap pool of players and the other leaves with a #1 class on the way. Bizzaro world.
  • D-Mat debut. He wins. Stay tuned for further coverage of him using the bathroom with his famous reverse bowl swirl soft serve style dump.
  • Arenas out 2-3 months. I wonder if he'll still break into the gym at 1AM to shoot jumpers in a wheelchair? Sure to be lots of blog posts though.
  • Stupid catcher gets hit with ball to win game. I'm surprised he doesn't get hit with ball every time he's up to the plate.
  • Cavs cheapskates like to ride in taxis and give out $.50 tips. They probably only had $100 on them.
  • Jim Davis gets his tryout on Monday. Every old man's time comes I guess.
  • Devin Hester first Madden player with 100 speed rating. Wonder if Pacman merited a 0 in discipline.

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